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Starting 02/05/2023, all newly listed Ponie Pals, K9, Birds and Ducks will be upgraded with a fee flatrate for 1 year.

In December we will reward deposits made at our Petrades terminal with a 25% bonus.
Example: Make a deposit of L$1000 and receive L$1250 credited.

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Title Stat Parents 1+ 5+ -24h L$ -

Most Listings Darklore Ravenhurst (249) Minx Razor (129) GingersHaveNoSouls (43)
Most Listings 24h Darklore Ravenhurst (2) mytsie (2) Minx Razor (2)

3 listings on 2 regions by 1 seller
Title Type Price Ending Owner Region tp
rb new Eye BOUNTY
♀ 5+ Wolf Canare Minx Dragons but
rb Eye Ticreal
Fruzayl Eye Ti\'creal
🥚 L$3000 Wolf Canare Minx Dragons but
rb Projekt Eggs Christmas Dragons
🥚 Wolf Canare Eden Park but
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